One of the most important milestones in the unique history of Bury St Edmunds is to be marked with a series of millennium celebrations. In three years’ time, it will be exactly 1,000 years since the foundation of the Benedictine Monastery in Bury St Edmunds by King Canute.

The Monastery went on to become the Abbey of St Edmund and housed the body of the martyred 9th Century King of East Anglia, St Edmund. For hundreds of years pilgrims from throughout the world came to worship at the Abbey in veneration of St Edmund, the then patron Saint of England. The Abbey grew in strength and wealth until the dissolution of the monasteries by Henry VIII in the 16th century when it was dismantled and fell into ruin.

Now the Abbey of St Edmund Heritage Partnership has announced that it is preparing to organise Millennium Celebrations in 2020. It aims to establish a steering group to include representatives of Bury St Edmunds Town Council, West Suffolk College and local schools as well as several existing partners to start discussing ideas and planning events.

The Abbey of St Edmund Heritage Partnership is led by St Edmundsbury Cathedral in collaboration with St Edmundsbury Borough Council and representatives of Suffolk County Council, Historic England, English Heritage, the University of East Anglia, the University of Suffolk, the Bury Society and several local community groups as well as specialist architects, historians and archaeologists.

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